Blackmail Full Movie (2018) Watch Online

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Blackmail Full Movie 2018 Watch OnlineBlackmail Full Movie 2018 Watch Online

Movie Cast: Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Urmila Matondkar

Movie Language: Hindi

Movie Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller

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Blackmail Full Movie 2018 Watch Online Free

Blackmail Movie Review:

Blackmail Full Movie Watch Online This movie offers a dark,unique look into a regular man’s life.Though unrealistic in places and maybe too dark for some,the movie rewards the patient viewer.Yes it gets repetitive at times and some subplots are unnecessary(especially since one of them takes a lot of screen time) However,there is a lot to appreciate too.Right from some smart exposition to smart gags to the claustrophobic feel of the narrow walls these characters abide in.Arunoday Singh and the ever reliable Irrfan Khan shine in their roles.There are also little tit-bits here and there,which the attentive viewer would enjoy.Bollywood movies generally shy away from showing the dark side of humans.So I always welcome a dark tale.Almost every character is morally corrupt here and ready to compromise relationships for financial gains.This is where the film could’ve done better.If all the central characters were more chalked out,the movie would’ve been something else! Still it’s a good watch.I liked it.Film is about Dev (Irrfan) who finds out one night that his wife (Kirti) is cheating on him. Because of EMIs and other interests, he decides to blackmail his wife- Reena’s lover for some money. The lover boy (Arunoday Singh) asks for money to his wife Dolly (Divya Dutta). But her parents want the amount back from him. So, Lover Boy also blackmails his lover a.k.a. Dev’s wife. Eventually, Dev is giving money to his wife which later he collects from that Lover boy. Meanwhile, colleagues of Dev also come in the picture to make some money. The chain becomes extremely complicated. For unlocking it, watch out this one… Blackmail Full Movie Watch Online

Blackmail 2018 Full Movie Watch Online